Our basic goal is to serve our customers with the widest possible range of products in a timely manner to provide an exceptional satisfaction.
The policy of TELTEKS in the communication sector is to make the least possible errors, to be a quality pioneer in the product market, to sail into new markets and to closely follow the developing technologies.
TELTEKS has adopted the principle of working with trained personnel to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, to continuously improve its effectiveness and to comply with the existing legal obligations.
Revision No: 01


Telteks Kablo pledges and announces to the public that it operates in such a way that the minimum amount of waste is generated by taking into consideration any environmental condition during our production process,
to ensure that all my employees are able to participate effectively in the Environmental Management System and organize trainings to create the continuity of this awareness in order to gain environmental awareness,
to inform our suppliers in the line with of our aims and encourage them to take an active part in these activities,
to continuously follow the environmental legislation of our country and to remain up to date,
to keep our efforts for continuous improvement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System through periodically set targets and reviews in order to ensure its continuity,
Revision No: 00