Telteks, all of its employees situated in different parts of the world with a transparent working environment that supports creativity and team spirit, is conducive to personal development, an environment wherein the corporate targets are internalised at every level and ideas can be exchanged freely. Flexibility, constant training and popularization of best practices constitute the foundation of our Human Resources Policy.

The process of selecting and evaluating key personnel; consists of the determination of professional skills, evaluation of the employee through multiple criteria, preparation of development and career plans, provision of feedback to the employee and constant supporting/monitoring of the employee. The participation of these determined persons to trainings held, is supported, and it is contributed to their development by ensuring them to appear in projects.

Training and Development programs are designed in order to increase the effectiveness of our white and blue-collar employees, and also to improve the organization. Trainings, planned specifically for our employees, start with the “Orientation Program”, which ensures fast and easy adaptation to ERSE, and go on with activities improving the competencies of our employees, guiding our employees throughout their learning processes. The training plan and budget is determined each year upon meeting our department managers, and depending on the targets and strategies of Erse during the relevant period.

“Employee Satisfaction Survey” is made once in a year, addressed towards reception of our employees’ opinions; results of the survey are evaluated by the company management and announced to employees, and play part in the determination of policies.
Also; the Suggestion System, established in order for all employees to offer ideas towards development and improvement, for actualization of suitable suggestions, and for the employees to feel part of the Erse family and embrace the organization, incorporates all employees, and all opinions and suggestions of the employees are subjected to evaluation.

Career Opportunities at Telteks Kablo Telteks Kabloemploys candidates with strong human relations, open to multiculturalism and innovations, focused on continuous development and productivity, competitive and who believe in the value of team work within different positions in the company.