SPECIFICATION: DIN VDE 0245 bölüm 102, TSEK 353:2015

APPLICATION : Used in industrial environmental conditions, where there is dense electromagnetic areas, dry places, where there is medium mechanical stress, escalafors, winchs, power stations, where there is humidity and steam, measuring, monitoring and control cable for machinery manufacturing, in engineering projects,
multi paired control and signal circuits. It is not suitable for open air.

CONSTRUCTION: Stranded electrolytic copper conductor (According to HD 383,VDE 0295,IEC 60228 class 5) YI2 type Black
PVC insulation (According to DIN VDE 207 part 4)
Black insulation with consecutive numbering in white (According to DIN VDE 0293)
2 core cable does not include yellow/green earth core (-OZ)
≥ 3 core cable includes yellow/green earth core (-JZ)
Cores stranded in layers
Polyester tape that does not contain moisture and have dielectric property
YM2 type Grey PVC inner sheath (According to DIN VDE 207 part 5)
85 % braiding of tinned copper wire screen
YM2 type Grey PVC outer sheath (According to DIN VDE 207 part 5)