About us

TELTEKS CABLE, that has started to serve in telecommunications sector in 1976, has achieved an esteemed reputation with its high quality production and service.
TELTEKS CABLE, parallel to its 40 years of experience, has become a specialized firm with its applications of modern cable production techniques, production, marketing and stability on delivery terms. Telteks has taken the quality of its products under guarantee for years and has become the market’s s preferened company with its reliability.
Following the developments of technology and human resoures has become one of its major principles. Therefore, by both with the qualified personnel that are trained professionally and the investments made on modern technology, Telteks has been contributing to the development of cable sector.
TELTEKS CABLE, uses fully computerized modern machinery with well-trained experts and does the production based on both TS EN ISO 9001:2008 ve ISO 14001:2004 international standards and domestic standards.
We have created this web page for our esteemed customers in the direction of our vision and objectives.

With our best regards,
General Manager

Enerji kabloları, yüksek gerilim, orta gerilim ve alçak gerilim kabloları, halojensiz kablo, kauçukkablo, alüminyum iletken ve PVC granül üretimi yapmaktayız


To produce quality cable,
Sustained and Productive growth,
To contribute to foreign trade volume with the exports,
To contribute to the national economy with the number of employees.


To be one of the leading cable manufacturer of many years experience in the cable sector.